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  1. The relationship between mental and physical health is well established. But when mental and physical illnesses co-occur, patients' accounts of physical illness are sometimes arbitrarily discredited or dismissed by physicians.
  2. If you're scared to drink a cup of coffee out of fear that you'll spend the day in the restroom, you're not alone. Mild urinary frequency and urgency are common but for patients with urinary disorders, these same foods can provoke days of pain and discomfort. A new android application, the ICN Food List, seeks to change that by giving patients a reference guide that they can easily use while shopping and eating out at restaurants.
  3. According to a new study, African American men with clinical chronic prostatitis have a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer.
  4. Research shows that bacteria can be beneficial to body processes such as digestion; however, some bacteria housed in the human body may cause disease. These specialized communities of bacteria in the body are known as microbiomes.
  5. In couples who have not been able to have children, male infertility is the cause in at least half of cases. In 6-10% the cause is a urogenital infection.
  6. This test, which we have branded SelectMDx for Prostate Cancer, came with the acquisition of a company in the Netherlands called NovioGendix. They developed a prototype assay, so they did most of the heavy lifting in terms of discovering the two specific biomarkers that are currently in the product. These biomarkers are tuned towards the detection of what I call clinically significant prostate cancer.
  7. Most men in their 50s, who face an increasing risk of prostate cancer as they age, are familiar with the common screening exam known as the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test. But many are less familiar with how the test works and why different factors, such as prescription medications and infections, can influence the test results.
  8. A latest study has found that long hours of cycling do not negatively impact sexual and urinary health in men unlike popular belief. The researchers find that the benefits that cycling has on the cardiovascular system of individuals far outweighs any perceived potential risks. The study from the Department of Urology, University of California-San Francisco was published in the latest issue of the Journal of Urology.
  9. Using nuclear medicine, German researchers have found a way to accurately differentiate cancerous tissue from healthy tissue in prostate cancer patients. The research is highlighted in the February issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
  10. A man from United Kingdom has acquired a gonorrhea infection with bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics used commonly against it. The man has a regular sexual partner but picked up this superbug from a sexual encounter with a partner in south-east Asia earlier this year.
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