Fertility News from ScienceDaily.com

  1. In North America, 20 to 25 percent of women and 18 to 21 percent of men of reproductive age report daily psychological stress. Although previous research has suggested that stress can decrease the odds of conception, few studies have examined this association among couples from the general population. Now, a new study finds higher levels of stress are associated with lower odds of conception for women, but not for men.
  2. Scientists have discovered a simple way how to improve infertility treatment in the future. The results of the study can be used in precision medicine to account for the variability in each female patient's menstrual cycle. This personalized approach will first and foremost benefit those couples, who have experienced repeated IVF failure.
  3. At a time when more than half of male infertility cannot be explained by current methods, a new test is able to measure male fertility.
  4. Three proteins regulate each other with surprising twists and turns in female mouse eggs, a finding that may play an important role in female fertility and cancer biology, according to researchers.
  5. Men who have undergone bariatric surgery as a long-term way of losing weight might also benefit from increased testosterone levels post-surgery. However, there is no evidence that the sperm quality of a patient improves.
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