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Linezolid is an antibacterial drug created by Pharmacia and Upjohn and is used in the treatment of serious infections caused by resistant gram-positive bacteria.

It belongs to the oxazolidinone class of drugs..
Linezolid is effective against many Gram-positive bacteria including; streptococci, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) (Enterococcus faecalis, E. faecium are commonly involved in Prostatitis).
The principal indications for linezolid are infections of the skin and soft tissues but is also used off-label a number of of other infections.

Common Brand Names of Linezolid

  • Linezolid is marketed by Pfizer as Zyvox in the U.K., U.S.A, and Australia.
  • Zyvoxid in Europe
  • Zyvoxam in Mexico and Canada
  • Linospan (generic) in India
  • Linzolid (generic) Bangladesh

Method of Activity

First discovered during the 1990's and approved for the market in 2000, linezolid was the first commercially available oxazolidinone antibiotic.
It is a protein synthesis inhibitor, stopping the growth of bacteria by disrupting their production of proteins.
Bacterial resistance to linezolid has remained low, but it may be increasing.

Side Effects of Linezolid

When used for short periods, linezolid is a fairly safe drug and it can be used in patients of all ages and in people with liver disease or poor kidney function.

In patients taking linezolid along with serotonin agonists, there is a small but documented risk for serotonin syndrome.
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If you have a serious infection which necessitates the use of Linezolid, your serotonergic drug should be stopped at least 2 weeks (or more depending on the drug involved) before commencing Linezolid.

Common side-effects effects of short-term use:
  • headache
  • diarrhoea
  • nausea
Side-effects of longer-term Use (Caution):

Long-term use, however, can have serious side-effects, particularly when used for more than two weeks. Myelosuppression may occur causing Thrombocytopenia.. Accordingly, when longer than two weeks use is necessary, platelet counts should be checked every week, at least once.
If used for longer periods still, Linezolid may cause irreversible optic nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy as well as lactic acidosis.

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Linezolid is expensive, costing around US$100 per pill in the United States and most first-world countries. However, it appears to be more cost-effective than similar antibiotics, such as vancomycin, as it can be switched from intravenous to oral dosing when a patient is stable enough, without the need for dose adjustments, and enabling the patient to go home if applicable.

 Online Pharmacies

Many online pharmacies sell Linezolid, most being generic product shipped from India. Reputable online pharmacies can be found that supply Linospan by Cipla. As of 2014, Cipla 600mg Linospan sells for approximately US$1 per pill in India and online pharmacies mark it up anywhere from 100 - 400%.

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