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Is China and Changsha Safe?

China and our Clinic city of Changsha is very safe. Serious crime is a lot lower than most first world countries. Provided you exercise normal precautions of not flashing large wads of cash and the like and practice sober habits, you will find China a very safe environment.

Money - How do I pay for Treatment and My Living Expenses?

We recommend you bring a reasonable amount of money in cash to get you started with accommodation and treatment. This can be: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar or RMB.. Most Credit Cards will be taken and can be used at ATM machines. When paying for treatment, funds can be wired from your bank to our bank as required - we can give you these details and you can set this up with your bank before you leave.

How Do I arrange a Hotel and other Services?

There are many price levels of accommodation, right from budget of around $US20 per night up. We can book several nights for you in a Hotel price level of your choice close to the Clinic and you can further explore available accommodation after you arrive. An Internet connection is usually always available right down to the cheaper price level hotels.

I'm a bit Worried about being in a Strange Country with a Different Language

The general environment is not as different to your own country as you might imagine. Perhaps the only major item of difference you might notice is the greater number of people in the streets. You will be able to eat at nearby restaurants and shop at nearby supermarkets without difficulty. Where jobs of a more complex specific nature are required to be done.. like Transport bookings, Visitor registrations, etc., a Clinic translator will be able to help you as part of your daily translation package.

What's Your Contact Email Address?

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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