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Being diagnosed with Prostatitis is likened by many patients to be a "trip to one-way hell", "a never-ending nightmare" and utterances that cannot be repeated here.

A couple of years into the disease, a squeezing of the whole experience into a few seconds could be likened to being hit by a fast train.

The whole Prostatitis dilemma is a sentence of a very long time for most of its sufferers. A quick cure is out of the question for almost every affected person; if it hasn't been successfully treated in the first 18 months or so, the ride is going to be a very long one. And clearly, a Prostatitis diagnosis is going to require resources far greater than the average patient and their Doctor have access to.

Curing Prostatitis requires the Mother of All Help Plans..

Our long experience can give you the basis of such a Prostatitis management treatment plan, dependant mostly on your inner resolve for success (I just hope you're reading this early enough in the process):

  • Hit your General Practitioner up for some very solid testing, EPS followed by semen culturing. A positive test result is a first victory, along with the most applicable antibiotics, correct dose, long enough period (in the case of bacteria).
  • If you're one of the majority, you'll likely see no positive test/culture result, and the use of antibiotics will have to be a guess, but again, short period, low dose is extremely inadvisable.
  • No progress?, time to examine the strength of your Doctor/Patient relationship; if your Doctor has bucked at doing a semen culture, OR, avoided antibiotics for a "no treat" and "wait and see", OR starts saying things like "well, you'll just have to live with it" OR.. anything similar.. GET rid of your Doctor! Sounds harsh? This is your life and what will you think 10, 15, 20 years down the track when your life is well and truly ruined and you look back and realise you were, well,  weak!
  • Research, research.. is your best friend. Scour your area for a Doctor who has a speciality in, and a reputation for, being a good Prostatitis Doctor. Do not hesitate to change Doctors as many times as you need to. Every time you're lying there thinking about the whole bad situation and your lack of a Prostatitis cure, jump off the sofa or bed or up from where ever you are and attack again.. keep pushing, change Doctors again, go further afield, research.. take action!
  • This now becomes a dangerous stage of the disease. You've exhausted all the obvious opportunities, your morale is weakening, your costs are spiralling, your psychological state is being challenged.. cracks are appearing. Many are tempted to collapse into the "pity me" spiral. Work suffers, props such as alcohol and drugs appear or worsen, savings are gone, relationships suffer, trips to the Doctor are no more than prescription runs. Unless you can pull all this together and stay strong, your decline will virtually guarantee a life of future hardship, and a life which could have been much, much more.
    I can guarantee some readers at this point are ruefully nodding their heads..

Back to the "Mother of Prostatitis Cure Plans"..

  • If you've never managed to have a pathogen-positive test result, and so were pronounced as having a-bacterial prostatitis, stay a little sceptical. The authoritative published medical papers on the subject are just starting to say what we've known all along.. that the vast majority of Prostatitis cases are of pathogenic cause (just a decade ago the premier medical institutions in the US were saying the opposite.
    "No detectable pathogen" means just that.. they've never managed to find anything, not that something doesn't exist. In our experience, 90+% of patients who come to us with a prior diagnosis of a-bacterial prostatitis have pathogen(s) isolated fairly quickly by our cutting edge methods and experience.
    The lesson here is that treatment "protocols" in all Western countries concerning Prostatitis are woefully inadequate.
    Prostatitis is routinely over-treated with oral antibiotics and under-treated in terms of diagnosis and research for new forms of treatment.
    First step in the plan.. overhaul your personal status. Get yourself back to as close a state as you can before your diagnosis of Prostatitis.
    • STOP the props (yes, this takes truckloads of will-power), drink more than one serving of alcohol a day? (one small cocktail or one can beer equivalent), STOP IT..
    • Run a mile from fast food, it is imperative you follow our prostatitis symptoms improvement guide. For 99.9% of our downloaders of that ebooklet, symptoms have improved immediately to some degree. Drop as much carbohydrate-gluten-factory meat as you can, concentrate on a wide range of fresh steamed vegetables and organic meat. It sounds radical but it's not, it's going back to the nutrition path we were on prior to WWII.
      The one thing I don't recommend doing is living like a nun, certainly I would give all lifestyle and food changes a good chance, at least 6 months before you look back and do a comparison of symptoms now and then. Many Doctors would also tell you to drop drinking coffee, however that may not be necessary, except for making it a little weaker and cutting out the sugar. Again, try dropping it for a couple of months and see if you see a pattern of difference, except keep this period separate from all the changes here as well as the prostatitis dietary changes.
    • Given up doing at least 30 minutes of resistance exercise each day? RESTART IT.
    • Let your savings slide? form a plan to live within your means, SAVING at least a quarter of your income into an account where you won't be tempted to touch it, unless for treatment.
  • Next step: Have you really exhausted all medical help options? GET TOUGH.. are there work/state medical help programs you've never investigated? have you claimed/investigated all the options your medical insurance offers? are there facilities your Doctor could have referred you to, like research hospitals?, even out of state?
  • Next step: If all else in your home area has failed, if you have pulled all your resources together and are in the best shape possible considering your Prostatitis condition, you can take the step of writing to us for help. Describe your full prostatitis or pid history and we'll come back to you with our medical opinion on your specific case.
  • Last Step: Well, we hope you never get to this.. but in this world, no money, no hope, no caring friends, no medical insurance all spell out a miserable life. We sincerely trust you'll read this article carefully and take everything to heart. Follow all the above and NEVER GIVE UP in searching for a prostatitis or pid cure.


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The Prostatitis & PID Help Plan Checklist

  1. Give your Doctor the benefit of the doubt in your treatment for as short a time as possible
  2. Research.. know what you're dealing with.. learn more than your Prostatitis Doctor knows (often not at all hard)
  3. Keep yourself in the best shape you can, physically, mentally & financially, ready to face anything that comes
  4. Track down and use all medical and financial resources available (there will be some you've never thought of)
  6. Contact us when you're ready, able and determined to defeat Prostatitis (& PID)

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