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If a Prostatitis or PID sufferer is on this site reading about our specialist treatment Clinic, then examining patterns of behaviour and infection avoidance is too late. So, excuse us if we do a small rant for those few who might be reading on behalf of a friend who is a sufferer.. and if you are a sufferer, read down to learn about the yoyo effect, and the potential toll of years of Prostatitis,

Educate your friends and family

condoms-and-prostatitis-pidNever, never have unprotected sex with a new partner before you learn enough about that person to be aware of any medical conditions or lifestyle choices they may have. It may indeed sound easy to say, but it is also quite easy to do. You need a personal care code, made by you, and one that you can stick with. The consequences of contracting an infection by being what really amounts to careless, may be as severe as ending up with a well-established infection (esp. in the case of a man) that without a specialist Clinic like ours, may well never get resolved. And it doesn't stop there, there are a whole raft of consequences for perhaps the rest of someone's life; constant unrelenting pain, worry, many immune-destroying courses of antibiotics, monetary hardship and worsening psychological issues. In short, without a Clinic like ours, you could end up trapped in "hell", your ability to enjoy your life ruined.

The Yoyo effect of Prostatitis/PID re-infection

Back to a person suffering from Prostatitis or PID; prevention at your stage means overcoming the see-sawing of courses of antibiotics only to be reinfected by your partner. In general, a pathogenic case of prostatitis is known by the sufferer, symptoms are generally very obvious, but not so for many females. The far less complicated female urogenital system can often be infected by symptomless pathogens like chlamydia. No matter what ends the male partner goes to in their own country to medically address their prostatitis issues, if their partner is infected, the yoyo effect will continue.

It is crucial to treat the partner at the same time as the patient partner

In our Prostatitis and PID treatment Clinic, we go to great lengths to ensure that a patient under our care, doesn't simply, after full remission, return home to be re reinfected. Many patients come to us for treatment with their partner, and where that is impossible, our patient will eventually return after conclusion of their treatment, armed with medicinal products and instructions for treatment of their partner.

You can take action now to resolve your Prostatitis or PID woes permanently

So, if you are suffering from prostatitis, FIRST, read our free booklet which can make a near instant difference to your symptoms. THEN, never, never have unprotected sex with a new partner until you know more.. and if you have a partner, beware the silent reinfection possibility.

Get a free diagnosis and/or ask questions of us

Remember, you can contact us for a free diagnosis of your symptoms, or ask any questions here. We have treated prostatitis and PID patients from all corners of the world with a very high rate of success due to our proprietary treatment methods. No!, our treatment is not, and will not be, licensed, you will have to come to China for treatment.. 

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