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I am from the United States. I have been suffering from Chronic Prostatitis for about 17 Months. I went to the 3D Clinic in March of this year (2004). Prior to making the trip I was suffering from Urgency, frequency, pain in the perineum area, prostate pain and pressure, testicle pain, being tired all of the time, and pain below the waist. My symptoms were very severe and really diminished my quality of life. I had been to 3 urologists and had seen and talked to several other Dr’s regarding my condition before finally making the decision to go to China. Let me tell you, to me the thought of leaving the country for medical treatment was very scary. However, the thought of living with the pain forever was even scarier. So I went to the 3D Clinic in Xiangtan city as I mentioned, in March.

The treatment was unbelievable... It was a treatment which I found to be multifaceted in its approach to effect a cure of this terrible disease. The Doctors are very skilled in their treatment regimen, and have a very knowledgeable and capable staff which help in administering the many different treatments that they use to attack this disease. Although it is a bit nerve racking to make the trip to China, once I arrived and spent an hour with the 3D team Doctors going over my symptoms, I could tell by their responses and overall knowledge of the disease, that I had made the right decision, and I felt a lot more comfortable very quickly. The Doctors quickly identified what I had in terms of bacteria that was causing my chronic prostatitis problem, and then went to work.

I underwent 36 days of treatment which involved injections into the various parts of the urinary system, and various other treatments which were very difficult, but I believe in the end it was all worth it. Now after about 4 months of being back, my symptoms are improved, and I have minimal pain in the prostate area, no more frequency or urgency, and I have my energy back which is one of the best benefits. I now find that I am having a lot more good days than bad. I will go 4 or 5 days sometimes without pain at all. I rarely have any perineum pain. I do have to say that although I did experience some serious unblocking while in China, I think that I still have some unblocking left to do as I do have some days where I get pain in the front of my body up under my waist which travels into my testicles. However it is better than before the team's 3D treatment. I do plan to return to china in order to try to finish the job of unblocking, and to confirm that the bacteria that was eradicated while I was in China is still GONE!! I am not a Dr., and know that this treatment is not a widely accepted treatment, but I do believe that the team's 3D treatment is the best solution to this awful disease.

I also want to mention that the team are not only the smartest Doctors I have ever been to, but they are also the most caring and compassionate Doctors as well. Ever since returning from China, I have been in touch with the Clinic through a translator almost weekly. They are very concerned about my progress, and how I am feeling ever since the treatment. They make suggestions via e-mail, and really cares about how I am doing. These guys are simply THE BEST! I wish all Dr’s cared about their patients like the 3D Clinic Doctors do. I have been holding off on writing my comments regarding this treatment because I am not completely cured yet, but I do believe that with more time, and another short trip to China, that a cure is inevitable for me.

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Thank you to the 3D Clinic for everything! I appreciate it! To anyone reading this, the decision to go or not to go to China is yours. The 3D Clinic helped me get my life back, and I am forever greatful for that. I have been through the several months of antibiotics, and the prostate massage... It just didn’t work for me...I know that this disease is an awful way to go through life. Keep your head up and seriously consider all of your options. Good luck with your fight against Chronic Prostatitis no matter what you choose.

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