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I am a 38 years old man from Yugoslavia. I have been suffering from Chronic Prostatitis for about 6 years. I went to the 3D Clinic in December of this year (2006). Prior to making the trip I was suffering from Urgency, frequency, prostate pain and pressure, painful ejaculation, being tired all of the time, and pain in the abdomen, burning in prostate, urethral and bladder. My symptoms were very severe and really diminished my quality of life. I had been to many well-known urologists in the world such as in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Slovenia.

In Bulgaria (2001), after detail analysis, one doctor give me antibiotics against STD, but every time symptoms relapse two months’ later. Because of my difficult urination, one time they say to me I had urethral stricture, they gave me a surgeon, and it did not help.

In Germany (2002) after detail analysis such as cytoskopy, tomography, fluorometry, ultrasound etc. they say to me that I am completely healthy and everything is OK. But my health every time gets worse and worse.

In Slovenia (2004), they also said I am completely healthy.

In Balgrade, they said I have chronic prostatitis, and said this disease is incurable. They gave me some herbs medicine to keep my situation. They could not do too much for my case.

In Italy (2005-2006), I have visited two hospitals. I got some treatment from well-known doctors. The treatment was quite effective. But my symptoms relapse three month’s later. I was diagnosed that I had calcification in my prostate. And the calcification caused my difficulty urination. Doctors recommended me TURP operations to solve difficulty urination. But I thought this operation was risky and decided not to take it.

One of my friends recommended me to a famous hospital in Hangzhou, China. I received twelve days treatment with slight improvement of my symptoms. I kept searching good treatment on the Internet. Finally, I found the 3D Clinic in Changsha. After I read the Clinic's website, I started to believe in 3D treatment. I told myself this would be my last treatment. If this treatment would not work for me, I will stop to look for any other treatment. I was tired from the treatment.

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I came to the 3D Clinic on December 8th, 2006. The team of Doctors provided me a completely lab test together with detail analysis and ultrasound. The Doctors conducted lab test and found out mycoplasma genitalium, ureaplasma urealyticum, staphylococcus aurous and corynebacteria. Checked by Ultrasound, I have calcification in both sides of my prostate, 15mm*10mm, 17mm*14mm. And there are many small calcifications near my urethra. The calcifications caused me difficult to urinate and ejaculate. After three days’ treatment, my pain started to reduce. After the Clinic Doctors eradicated all my pathogens, they focused on my calcification. I saw great amount of deposits in my urine. Through one course of treatment, most of symptoms disappeared. Rechecked by Ultrasound, my calcifications have almost gone. Rechecked by lab testing, all pathogens have gone. My life changed to normal. My dream of a completely cure of chronic prostatitis is realized. I Thanked the whole Clinic Team. I hope they will continue to cure other people who are suffering from this “incurable” disease.

I highly recommend the Clinic's 3D treatment to those people who are suffering from chronic prostatitis. Since I have been suffering from this disease for many years.

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