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Read about (or listen to...) my experience in Changsha seeking a prostatitis cure..

Do not wait until you feel pain, do the best for your rest of your lives and get this 3d treatment at Dr. Song clinic, go now to Changsha, China as fast as you can , it is probably the best treatment available in the world , it is not cheap but any way you are going to spend a lot of time and money in the future finding a cure, so you better do it now.

Dr. Song is one of the most experienced and skilful doctors in the world in that field with profound understandings of the complex of urine systems.

I am 50 years old, I live in Tel – Aviv, Israel, very health until 7 months ago, I had acute epididimities treated with oral antibiotics for 2.5 months and more, with partial recovery and fluids in my left testicale.

Only before 4 months doctors realized I suffer from chronic Prostatitis as well.

I took again 6 weeks of oral antibiotics, which helped until I stopped, than I felt again some discomfort, without pain yet, very weak and tiered.

I started to read about chronic Prostatitis and I realized that although it does not kill you, it makes your life quality very poor, symptom's also get much worse over the years.

I found Dr Song's 3d clinic web site at cureprostatitis.org with Google search , I was convinced immediately after reading all the articles 3 times that Dr. Song way is the best logical treatment available , and only way to solve this problem permanently, I contacted 3 men by e-mail and spoke with one of them , they urged me to hurry.

I came to Changsha for tests which took place the same day I arrived , the injections started immediately so you do not waist time, The day after I did very detailed ultra sound tests.

After gathering all the data Dr. Song decided I need 30 days treatment. (I had some complications)

I came with a terrible cough and throat pain which I could not get rid off for a long time, I felt tiered very weak and without energy at all.

I saw after a few days what comes up with the urine, white clouds, blocks, and particles, immediately you feel better. (Like cleaning your radiator car)

After 4-5 days I felt very significant change, my throat hack was gone, the cough almost passed, my energy was very high, and my appetite improved too much, since I wanted to loose weight.

After few more days I felt day by day a big improvement in my prostate.

After 30 days of treatment I feel born again, my prostate does not hurt at all, the injections are not painful, and most of the symptoms are gone.

I took 3 weeks of Chinese massage with acupuncture / vacuum treatment, very relaxing and fun, for a very cheap price, most recommended.

I am now pathogens clean so I believe I am on the edge of full recovery.

I liked very much Dr. Song attitude , he listens very carefully to your symptoms complaints and descriptions , and does the necessary adjustments if needed, approach you do not find often in western doctors , they know better than you what you have.

Doctor Song's stuff is very helpful efficient and nice, Belinda my translator is doing excellent job, she helped me a lot also with daily life in Changsha.

Changsha is very modern and beautiful city with all the facilities, very safe, with nice people (they do not speak English), very good food and nice places around to visit.

I am staying in friendship hotel; it is nice, large and comfortable, close to the clinic and city center, with fast internet and a very reasonable price.


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