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Hi, my name is Mark from America. I have been asked to write about my 3d treatment from Dr Song. I am very happy to do so.

My battle with prostatitis and seeking a cure started one year ago. I saw many doctors in America, a total of nine. All telling me the same thing, that I had non-bacterial prostititis. I was given oral antibiotics by each urologist. I was tested for every STD and was told I was free of any bacteria. I was tested six times total. Antibiotics would only relieve symptoms temporarily. Later, I thought I found the cure from a doctor who claimed to cure prostatitis by prostate massage and many antibiotics. I was put on 4000mg of antibiotics a day (an unheard of amount) and after 5 months I knew this was not the answer!

After many hours of searching the web I found Dr Song. I was very skeptical at first but after talking to a few patients by phone and email I was convinced to go to China. I was very nervous and in my case I had never been out of my country. I was more nervous about going to China than I was about receiving treatment. I ended up making the trip with my wife who was also tested and treated. She stayed only 11 days and was able to take medication with her back to America.

When I arrived I was met by a translator and was taken to the clinic and was immediately tested by blood, semen, and prostate fluid. Prostate fluid and semen were never checked in America. Test results were back within 48 hours and two bacteria were found. Treatment with shots began immediately. I was very uncomfortable with the surrounding at first. Nothing is as new or fancy as what I am used to in America but Dr Song and his staff was friendlier than any doctor’s office in America and you had as much time for questions as you needed. I was able to talk with all the other patients at one time right in the office. They filled me with confidence and made me feel right at home.

The shots do have a little sting to them at first but only last 30 seconds. It is nothing you cannot handle and afterwards you are free to do what ever you like.

Changsha was big culture shock to me the first 2 days but remember I had never traveled out of country before. After two days I felt very comfortable and safe. The people are the friendliest people I have met anywhere. I felt very safe walking the streets even at night. The location of Dr Song’s office is in walking distance from everything. There is loads of shopping and restaurants. There is a Wal-Mart, McDonalds and subway sandwich if you get tired of Chinese food. The most important thing to me was there is Bally Total Fitness in the same building as Dr Song’s office. Exercise helped my recovery tremendously and also relieved any stress I might have had.

There are many hotels to stay in but most convenient there are apartments in the same building as Dr Songs office building along with the Bally Total Fitness. It could not be more convenient.

When I first arrived I thought I had prostititis for only one year but after an ultrasound showing lots of calcification I was told I have had it for at least 5 years. This was a surprise and would require longer treatment but until you actually arrive at the clinic and have an ultrasound of prostate, Dr Song cannot possibly give an exact length of treatment So I would say be prepared for a possible longer stay but do not get discouraged or start having doubts for each person is different and everyone has different symptoms.

I extended my stay from 30 days to 53days. My final ultrasound showed 90% improvement meaning 90% cured! I have talked to all the patients many times and you will here many stories of treatments all over the world that failed. This is the real deal and is the only place to be cured. This may sound very hard to believe but it is true. Believe what you are reading and go see Dr Song!!

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