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After having dealt with an endless number of Chronic Prostatitis patients for 7 years, I've come to know pretty much exactly what a new enquiry patient will go on to do from the moment they contact our Clinic..

The Chronic Prostatitis Winners:

This group represents about 20% of those who contact us. They are a joy to deal with, from the moment of first contact right through to their last day of treatment. They all have these common virtues:

  • No matter how long they've suffered from Prostatitis they've made a decision to solve the problem.
  • They inately know that it is going to take a powerful effort requiring total attention, and that NOTHING is going to stop them.
  • They are short on words and long on action, everything required is taken in their stride, NOTHING deters them.
  • In short, they've got to the point of being unable to put up with the condition and all the havoc that comes with it for any longer.
  • They've had ENOUGH.

The Chronic Prostatitis Losers:

Sounds like a bit of an insulting title right? Well take it out of its normal context, put it back as someone who "loses a race". This type of Chronic Prostatitis Patient represents about 20% of all the people who contact us, and they have these faults in common:

  • They are usually the younger end of the age span of Prostatitis patients, ~18-26 years old
  • Average to lower education and job prospects
  • Prone to compulsive, damaging behaviour - abusers of alcohol, more risky sexual behaviour, short on the truth and memory
  • Spend more than they earn and always waiting for the next paycheck
  • Constantly touting Government conspiracy theories and have a poor regard for the law
  • Require absolute proof of a cure (impossible to give) and are sure they're going to be ripped off.
  • A surprising proportion admit to considering suicide in their first email.
  • Needless to say, few of this group will ever get their act together enough to get cured.

The 60% of Chronic Prostatitis Sufferers Inbetween:

  • This group exhibit characteristics from both groups 1/ and 2/.
  • A significant portion of them can be slowly helped to enable themselves to get organized to come to our clinic for treatment.
  • This may take time; some have taken up to 2 years but they got there in the end.
  • A number are hampered by a lack of money, and a good number of them, with a change of habits start saving and within as short a time as a matter of months contact us again.
  • A portion use this waiting period to get on top of aberrant behaviors and start exercising, as a result lose weight, as a result become more confident, leading in turn to reducing alcohol consumption/start eating healthily.. and effectively move themselves into qualified members of group 1 "The Winners".

The Moral of the Prostatitis Cure Story:

The above may sound harshly critical, in fact to someone who's never had to understand or go through the rigors of Prostatitis, it sounds rude.. But it's not, it's fact laid bare, the harsh realities of life are that the strong survive and the weak don't, and if there's the slightest possibility of a weak thread in our body, Prostatitis will find it, it will hunt it out and lay ownership to it and use it to do its worst to us, if we let it.

In fact, I know that many of group 1, "The Winners" were once members of groups 2 and 3, but like the old saying of "it's never too late to change", they changed. They not only changed but they got fired by an unstoppable desire to fix once and for all what was ruining their life.

The other lesson here is that we don't expect to see "The Winners" a lot, we do expect to be contacted by a lot of people who need some hand-holding, and we get enormous satisfaction out of the prospective patients that get serious with our help, and go on to get successfully treated at our Clinic.


prostatitis your power.. For TOO Long

It's hard when you can't see what's coming and few will tell you their experiences.. this harks back to the age-old problem of Chronic Prostatitis sufferers; they'll suffer in silence, they'll put up with far more pain than they should, they'll put off taking action because they've graduated to feeling powerless about the disease.

The Medical Establishment gives Men a raw deal when it comes to attitudes, research and advancement of treatment for Prostatitis.

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And here's the worst that can happen to you:

  • You have had this "Prostatitis" condition for under 5 years. You still have a good job, have a loving family and your medical condition, although vexatious, hasn't impacted greatly on your enjoyment of life.
  • You've moved into stage II of the condition. You're preoccupied by it most of every day, the constant pain has started to wear you down. Your Doctor can do nothing and your spouse is tired of hearing about it. Your job/career prospects have stalled.
  • It's now stage III, 15 to 20+ years have passed since first being diagnosed. You were totally unaware your life could progress to this level. You've become depressed to the point of being placed on medication, your relationship with spouse and family is a shadow of normalcy. After all the antibiotic courses your pain has worsened and some days you're truly miserable. Your job has gone, you're on a pitiful medical benefit and the wife is working to pay the mortgage. If the floating interest rate moves up you'll lose the house. You're 50lbs overweight with high blood pressure.
  • The worst thing is, you've now lost all hope that the madness will stop.

The above may sound drastic, but it's a true reflection of what many of our prostatitis patients have told us; prospective patients who've never come for treatment as well as those who have. So many of the former kept "putting off" getting serious until it was beyond their mental and financial abilities for them to seek treatment.

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