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The most common causes of Prostatitis are usually:

  • Unprotected sex
  • An individual's system being predisposed to acquiring infections
  • Infection through pelvic medical procedures
  • General pelvic injury

According to the Western medical establishment..

The vast majority (90+%) of Prostatitis cases are non-bacterial in nature, along with a number of other theories. However the simple truth is that the medical establishment in most cases just does not know.

Our Extensive Experience in Curing Prostatitis with our unique Treatment process says that..

.. 90+% of the patients that come to us have Prostatitis caused by pathogens. So why this discrepancy? Why do so many major U.S medical institutions and Doctors state that most cases of Prostatitis are non-bacterial?

Because. if you've been a long-time Prostatitis sufferer you'll probably already have realised that once a pathogen is well established in the male genitourinary system, it can be very difficult to find and isolate in tests.

That quite simply means that if you have a diagnosis of non-bacterial prostatitis there is a very big chance that it's one or more pathogens that just cannot be isolated (found).

The medical establishment in your country has missed finding the pathogens, it's very often as simple as that.

Usually your Family Doctor has only done an EPS, it has failed to grow anything, sometimes because the Laboratory work is too basic and culturing is for only a short period. Repeat EPS tests may be bound up in the antibiotics treatment periods and continue to come up nil. 

However we are able to correctly identify the problem-causing pathogens (non-bacterial and bacterial) because at our Prostatitis Treatment Clinic, we have our own laboratory and expert biologist and urologists using extended biological test methodology (cultures, microscopy, blood antibodies, etc.) to identify the problem pathogens.

The pervasive fact is, if you are suffering from prostatitis, then very likely you have an infection with one or more pathogens, and no matter what antibiotics treatment you are prescribed, when in times of decreased immunity or the prostate is strongly stimulated by physical or chemical factors, those pathogens will become active again, and lead to a recurrence of chronic prostatitis.

Read on in the articles in this section to discover how we are successfully able to identify the causative pathogens with our testing methods, kill them, and cure your prostatitis.

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