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free-diagnosis-3dtreatment1 First Contact with Chronic Prostatitis and PID Patients:

The first point of contact with a patient is usually through our website where this condition assessment form is filled in for a no-obligation medical assessment by our Chief Doctor. It is important to include as much specific detail as possible including tests done, results of those tests, courses of prescribed medications with a good timeline and any other related details. We will answer with an initial assessment and if suitable ask for a more formal submission of your medical history and other treatment-related information.

2 Second Contact Level For Chronic Prostatitis and PID Patients:

Once preliminary treatment suitability details are discussed and accepted, you are advised of costs and all necessary arrangements. At this point you have access to an English-speaking Clinic advisor who you can call and discuss anything you would like to know. Travel arrangements are then made by the patient assisted by Clinic staff as necessary. All aspects of treatment, travel, life at the Clinic are available in written form backed up with a phone call whenever necessary.

Our typical patient varies from having had the condition for a relatively short time and is usually uncomplicated. However the opposite extreme may be a combination of pathogens and genitourinary conditions such as chronic urethritis, spermatocystitis, epididymitis and other disorders.

click-to-contact-3dclinicAccordingly, any treatment, in order to realize the full potential of our Prostatitis Therapy MUST be for a sufficiently long period. Chronic Prostatitis cannot be treated in a matter of a few days, that kind of treatment is the norm in a Western country with courses of antibiotics which more often than not fail. Our Treatment Program requires a treatment period matched to the patient's condition.

So it is extremely important that you have read this page on our treatment methodology, understanding the crucial elements of the treatment that make it so successful.

Start of Chronic Prostatitis and PID Patient Treatment:

Upon arrival at our Clinic you will will first undergo extensive examination and testing. We then will take samples of semen, urethra epithelial cells, blood and prostate fluid to test for pathogens. Next we will use digital rectal examination and ultrasound to establish where infection, inflammation, blockage and calcification occur.

debris-calcification-after injectionNext, we will immediately commence perineal injection treatment through the pelvic gap. By now we have established the best antibiotics to use of the pathogenic agents involved, and this along with our proprietary unblocking formula will commence to kill off the pathogen(s), break down calcification and remove and breakdown the blockages which are often concealing infectious agents. Prostatitis patients with urethritis, spermatocystitis and epididymitis will have treatment specifically targeted at these areas.

As treatment progresses, you will start to discharge toxins, blockage material, calcification particles, and other residue in their urine. And as each day of treatment passes we will  monitor your treatment response in order to make changes as necessary in order to achieve the final cure.

Specific Details mentioned above:

Period of Treatment

A medical history of around 3 months can usually be cured with 15 to 20 days of treatment. If your condition is Chronic, but calcification is not extensive you can usually be cured with 30 days of treatment. And a Chronic condition with a long period of infection along with extensive calcification and system blockages is usually 40 days.

However, if you have very extensive calcification and blockages you may need a return trip for additional unblocking, or the initial period may be extended as the response to treatment is tested, observed and generally assessed.

It is critically important that the necessary length of treatment is undergone. Infection must be killed and much of the blockages and calcification broken down and removed. Then, and only then can we discuss the options of treatment being successfully completed, or the need to stay longer, or the option to return to finish off calcification removal and unblocking.

Note again some of the Specific Advantages of our Prostatitis treatment program

1Local injections mean the particular drugs and formulas can be delivered exactly in the right place, in concentrations many times that of oral antibiotics, totally avoiding this major drawback of Western medical Chronic Prostatitis treatment. And these concentrations will be effective for much longer than oral drugs. The advantages of our local injections simply cannot be replicated by other forms of treatment.

2 Therefore drugs and formulas will not course around the whole body, again, as it does with Western oral and IV treatment. Therefore the higher concentrations of medication delivered with local injections will not harm the rest of the body tissues and organs.

3 Our local injections are intraperineal (through the pelvic gap). They are NOT trans-rectal as is practised in other Clinics, trans-rectal injections can cause tissue damage and scarring AND.. infection and are to be avoided.

4 As treatment progresses, the prostate, urination ability, sexual drive, semen quality, and general body condition improve significantly, and continue to improve for a long time after treatment and a cure is effected. It is vitally important that the issue of a partner potentially reinfecting you is taken care of, either that partner will need to come for treatment or will be required to follow medical treatment advice from our Doctors.

5 Injections take little time and generally are not painful, as long as you are relaxed they are over quickly, and indeed, your daily life is not affected, you can tour the city and spend time relaxing after the daily treatment sessions.

6 It is important that you realise that our treatment injections are specialized and require long experience. No other Clinical Doctors have the combined experience of having done 10's of thousands of injections as we have done. Indeed few Doctors in the world understand that infection hides behind blockages and calcification and therefore have no idea of the need for unblocking all the tubes, ducts and passageways

The End of Your Prostatitis Treatment

After our our Treatment has unblocked all ducts and passageways, calcification is broken down and all pathogens killed, we will complete the following with you:
  • You will receive a full report of pathogens isolated, medications administered and written recommendations for the future.
  • We will remind you that progressive improvement will occur for some months to come as all the debilitation of the former infection(s) slip away.
  • We will discuss with you the need for your future action on taking care of your general body condition, the need to prevent re-infection, and where necessary (in extremely difficult cases) the need to return for additional treatment. Sometimes once the major pathogen(s) have been killed, less aggressive undetectable pathogens may make their presence known and they along with any resistant blockages may need further treatment


It is really important for us to repeat several key concepts:
  • There is no treatment for Chronic Prostatitis (or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Infertility) with the ability of our Treatment Program. Other effective teatment truly just doesn't exist. The technology is proprietary and not licenced to any other treatment facility.
  • The longer you have Chronic Prostatitis, the more oral antibiotics you take, the more your immune system will weaken and the more resistant the pathogen(s) will become.
  • Any treatment you have that does not include an unblocking protocol will FAIL, period.

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