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prostatitis-cure-3d-therapy-treatmentOur Prostatitis Cure research commenced in the late 1980's with the use of an acupuncture-like procedure of direct local injection treatment techniques. In the early 1990's we began to put this research into practice treating Chronic Prostatitis patients. As treatment and further research progressed hand-in-hand, it became obvious that local injections of special antibiotics formulas alone were not enough. Infections were resolved in a far more efficient way than any other prevailing treatment at the time, but patients were relapsing. The breakthrough came when our chief Doctor discovered that more than just injecting with infection-killing agents (primarily antibiotics) was required. He realised that tubes, ducts and passageways were "blocked" by the debris resulting from the infection as well in some cases as calcification, and it was infection behind the "blocked" areas that was causing the relapses. Thus the second step of the process was discovered, termed the "unblocking" process, and this completed the whole protocol that went on to become a highly successful Chronic Prostatitis treatment program.

The "Unblocking" Break-through in the Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis and PID

In essence, if Chronic Prostatitis (and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) patients went through a thorough "unblocking" process as part of their treatment, no relapse occurred and the patient's treatment would result in a cure. After this discovery our Chief Doctor opened a private Clinic to treat patients with his proprietary Treatment program using the process as described in concert with special medicinal formulas.

chlamydia-trachomatisA Tried, Tested and Proven Cure for Chronic Prostatitis and PID

Over some 20 years, our chief Doctor has treated thousands of complex chronic prostatitis and pelvic inflammatory disease cases, in the process acquiring extensive clinical and laboratory experience. As time progressed, he expanded the initial arena of treating just Chronic Prostatitis to treating other genitourinary and reproductive system infections mostly caused by sexually transmitted diseases, such as, urethritis, vesiculitis, epididymitis, various pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID) which resulted in infertility. The resulting high rate of success is solely due to our treatment program which is only available at one place in the world, our Clinic. The treatment formulas are complex and have been licensed to no other treatment institution.

candida-albicansPrior to the use and availability of the current treatment process in 2003, international patients suffering from Chronic Prostatitis, PID and resulting Infertility had no access to a successful treatment program. With our treatment program, our Clinic has realised astounding cure results. Many patients have been cured with our treatment after having tried one to many other Treatment Institutions at great cost to their health and bank balance. Our Clinic has successfully treated international patients from all over the World for over a decade.

Exactly How Our Prostatitis Treatment Program Works

Our treatment's success is a result of three absolutely critical factors:

1 Using rigorous testing to isolate causative pathogens (A failing of the medical system in many Western countries, as many of our patients will attest to)

2 Direct injections at the SOURCE of the infection(s) with the antibiotics/antifungals coupled with our proprietary “unblocking” medicinal formula, resulting in the eradication of the causative pathogen(s), once blockages and calcification deposits have been cleared.

3 Monitoring the discharge of pathogen(s), toxins, inflammatory substances, dead infected tissue, along with repeated retesting of samples and adjustment of formulas as dictated by the results.

Critical Factor Number 1 Exhaustive Laboratory Testing For Pathogens

chronic-prostatitis-escherichia-coliThe vast majority of our patients come to us with chronic symptoms and little in the way of accurate or even existing test results. Their Doctors (often numerous) have repeatedly failed to isolate the pathogen(s) causing their condition. The standard default test in a Western Country is a urine test which can deliver varying results, and, if at all, an EPS (expressed prostatitic secretions), which is often mal-performed, both tests being often compromised by recent antibiotics courses and the length of time the pathogen(s) have been present.
In short, the attempts to discover the cause of the patient's symptoms are usually flawed or inadequate in some way. Sampling and testing is a specialist skill and the lack of it has lead many a patient to receive the "there's nothing wrong with you" inept diagnosis.

prostatitis-cure-proteus-mirabilisInitial Prostatitis Symptoms become Chronic

The pathogens that can cause urinary and reproductive tract infections are many and complex. Delayed, inadequate detection leads to pathogens becoming well-established, forming scarring and blockages resulting in the typical chronic condition which is now difficult to isolate. Accordingly, experienced and exhaustive sampling and testing methods are required to correctly identify the pathogen(s).

The Doctors at our Prostatitis Treatment Clinic take a full range of samples for pathogen testing, including urethral, prostatic fluid, semen, and blood. This sampling process, using International Standards methods, enables us to obtain the crucial pathogen information we require to commence effective treatment.

Critical Factor Number 2 Direct Injections At The Source of The Infection

The standard Western treatment for Genitourinary Infections are oral antibiotics. In the case of Chronic Prostatitis, it is a well-proven fact that antibiotics do not penetrate the prostate in high-enough concentrations to be sufficiently effective. Once the tubules of the prostate are infected and blocked, no oral and intravenous (IV) drugs are able to kill the infection and undo the damage. This is our second primary difference in our Treatment system, as our injections reach the source of the problem in the far higher strength required. These injections reach right into the prostate through the pelvic gap, with no injury to the prostate or associated tissue. The drug/medicine formulas (antibiotic and "unblocking") that are injected into the infected areas are thus in high concentrations, solving the penetration and concentration problems of Western methods.
Our injections are able to reach more than just the prostate. We can also accurately reach the seminal vesicles, spermatic cords, epididymis and any other associated glands and tissues required. As the pathogens die off, they are discharged along with toxins, dead tissue and calcification particles via the patient's urine.

We Halt the Antibiotic Abuse to the Prostatitis patient's Immune System

A further significant benefit of our direct injections is that contrary to the traditional Western treatment method of flooding the whole body with drugs via the blood supply (oral and intravenously - IV), our direct perineal injections do not use the blood system to deliver the antibiotics. The injections deliver our drug and medicinal preparations into the required places, be it the prostate, associated glands, ducts or passageways without affecting bodily organs as a side-effect.

As the reader can imagine, direct perineal injections require highly refined knowledge and skill to reach the correct places without harm. Our Doctors have the coal-face experience of having done tens of thousands of injections, experience not found at any other Prostatitis or Fertility treatment Clinic in the world using the same or similar protocol.

Critical Factor Number 3 Our Proprietary Unblocking Medicinal Formula

The prostate's tubular system means that once infection sets in, if not dealt with quickly and appropriately, the tubes will become blocked and the infection will also spread. Other ducts and passageways will become infected and blocked. All these blocked areas will have become filled with infected material containing the infecting pathogen(s) and further, over time calcification deposits may complicate the blockages. As stated, these blockages MUST be broken down and removed, in order for the antibiotics/antifungals to get in and do their job.

** Any Treatment Protocol That Does Not Use a Proven UNBLOCKING phase WILL FAIL Eventually.

prostatitis-cure-calcification-urineAs soon as our Prostatitis treatment commences, the unblocking formula goes to work doing its job, clearing access for the antibiotics or antifungals to get in and kill the pathogens.

Infected material and broken down calcification (if calcification is present) can be quickly seen discharged in urine. We can examine the material by microscope and it can be clearly seen by eye.

Now the infected areas immediately start to recover, and symptom relief is not far behind. As our treatment progresses further, symptoms improve significantly. As the cycle of testing and injecting reaches its goal, these symptoms usually disappear as the infected areas have returned to normal.

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Our unblocking phase, with its unique formula and expert delivery ability has no equal in any other Prostatitis/PID Clinic in the world.

N.B. The only other Prostatitis Clinic even approaching our crucial unblocking phase of treatment is Dr Guercini in Italy. However Dr Guercini only administers a small number of injections (usually less than 5), which to our certain knowledge are far too few to effect any lasting recovery. Additionally each injection is each extremely expensive.

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