Welcome to our Clinic.. We have 25 years of experience dealing with difficult cases of Prostatitis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (also where Infertility is caused).

People (our patients) come to us from all over the world, having often spent a long and torrid time in their country trying to find a cure. Our speciality is difficult pathogenic-based resistant cases for which there is little hope of a cure outside our proprietary treatment protocol. Our treatment is not licensed to any other facility, or available anywhere else in the world

Our site is logically divided into 3 sections, Chronic Prostatitis treatment, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease treatment and the end effects of Infertility. You can also research in our Library and read latest news and information.

You can get a Free ebook on how to immediately reduce your symptoms Here.. Apply this and you will see results between now and getting your condition completely resolved.

You can also write to us Here for a Free Medical Diagnosis.

Come back to this site often as more information is regularly added to not just tell people about our treatment services, but how to also best manage your condition until you make the decision to come here for treatment.

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If you have any questions that you can't find answered on this site, or you would like to discuss anything about your condition or our treatment, you can write to us using the Contact Us form in the right-side menu. Your contact is welcome.

James Hopkins

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