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Chronic Prostatitis varies from mild discomfort to a life-ruining set of symptoms and once all options in your home country are exhausted, do not lose hope..

Have You Taken All The Steps To Reduce Your Prostatitis Symptoms?

Our Prostatitis Clinic's 3D Therapy treatment program can cure your Prostatitis condition. While you are contacting us to discuss your symptoms and investigate the possibility of coming to our Clinic, there are daily-life modifications that you can make that can relieve some of your symptoms in the meantime.

Many Patients report an immediate reduction in Prostatitis Symptoms, of course, this will vary according to your current lifestyle, but if you seriously apply what is detailed in our ebook download, it is very likely you will see results.

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Natural herbs which may act as a symptom reliever for Prostatitis


Tumeric (Curcuma longa) - a perennial plant with anti-inflammatory abilities


Curcumin For Treating Prostatitis

Cucumin is a very useful aid for patients with prostatitis. Curcumin is useful for all types of prostatitis.

In a study featured by the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, when men with bacterial prostatitis were given a combination of antibiotics and natural aids including curcumin, they had a significant resolution of their symptoms. However such a combination of drug and natural product should still be managed by your doctor.

It has been shown that curcumin can help to regulate the body’s response to inflammatory processes. As prostatitis is very difficult to treat, natural aids such as curcumin are a welcome addition to assist with lowering symptoms.

How Much Curcumin Is Enough?

A suggested dose of curcumin powder is 400 to 600 mg three times a day depending on the exact contents of the particular preparation you have. Some preparations may not be absorbed sufficiently, so it is important to look for modified forms that are designed to be released slowly.

Curcumin is considered safe if you follow the label instructions and only take the recommended doses. Talk to your Doctor before taking curcumin if you have diabetes as it could affect your blood sugar levels.



Saw Palmetto - a traditional remedy for Urogenital problems


Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) has been studied for its benefit on benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and also used to treat prostatitis. Saw palmetto can interfere with some drugs including blood-thinners and hormone replacement therapies so ask your doctor before you take saw palmetto.


Quercetin is a flavonoid found in many plants and foods, most notably red wine, red grapes, tea, apples and onions. Quercetin has been known for more than 10 years as a potent antioxidant with powerful anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory effects by lowering the production and release of histamine and other inflammatory factors.


Berberine - A traditional medicine, berberine has shown activity against fungal infections, parasites, and bacterial/viral infections.

NB: Care should be exercised when natural remedies are used in concert with drugs to provide relief for Chronic Prostatitis Symptoms


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