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1/ You will be very aware by now that if no pathogen has ever been cultured, it doesn't mean a verdict of non-bacterial prostatitis is correct, in fact infection is more likely the cause than not.. Read More..

2/ Being unable to isolate a pathogen can be the result of one or more of the following:

  • Enough time has gone by for the pathogen(s) to become deep-seated, out of reach of diagnostic techniques (and drugs), often blocked/walled-in by infected, dead tissue debris and calcification.
  • Your doctor(s) have done little more than send off urine or an EPS for analysis.
  • Your Doctor(s) have not been persistent. One or two tries for a positive test are not enough.
  • Read More..

 3/ You will be very aware also, that oral drugs may help with symptoms, but the condition always returns..
Oral drugs simply do NOT reach necessary areas (especially the prostate) in sufficient concentrations to kill pathogens.
UNLESS this problem is approached in a different way, with a sensible treatment protocol, you will never be cured, period.
Read More..

4/ Read a Summary HERE of the whole Chronic Prostatitis-PID dilemma and the solution, which has been able to completely cure so many of our patients.

5/ Read about our patients and their experience with our Prostatitis-PID treatment HERE..

6/ By using the right-hand menu, you can read some case studies, read about our Chronic Prostatitis Clinic, read articles in our Genitourinary library as well as Chronic Prostatitis Industry News.

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